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______________________ Budget Move 

Moving Made Easy
         ...has assisted over 4500 clients in the last 30 years with our Budget Move, budget Plus & Concierge Service
Moving Made Easy
         ...has always encouraged clients to write their own bid, only paying for services that they really need!
Moving Made Easy
         ...has a clear Payment & Liability Discloser so there are never any surprises at the end of the move.

 Budget Move
Only $365
We help the DIY Mover with this
Ala Carte' Menue

  • You provide truck, container or crate:
  • We load 15 pieces of furniture.
  • We follow you 15 miles or less.
  • We unload 15 pieces of furniture.
  • We provide: an experienced crew, blankets, straps, dollies.
  • You use your truck for the rest.



    Budget Move - $365
    these additional Ala Carte' services

    • $2 for every box.
    • $5 per each additional piece of 1-man furniture
    • $20per each additional piece of 2-man furniture over 10 pieces.
    • Trip Fee (one way) 1st 15 miles FREE $3/mile after 15.
    • $35 each Exercise Equipment, Sleeper/Kick Sofa, Fridge/Freezer, Washer/Dryer Armoir/Entertainment Center.
    • $65 each: Flight of Stairs, Second Stop, Long Walk, Dissemble/Assemble.
    • Pianos or small Gun Safes with a move (up or down three steps only) $115 each.
    • Elevator use: $115.
    • Order Boxes (Click for FREE Delivery to your front door)
    • Packing Your Boxes. (By onsite bid only)                                    



    15 Pieces of 2-man Furniture 
    You rent your own truck or crate.




    Extra 2-Man Furniture:
    2 piece hutch count as two pieces.
    Bed Mattress, box, head & foot 
    board count each piece.
    Extra 1-Man Furniture:
    Dining chairs, foot stools, bar chairs, planters...
    $20 each piece 

    $5 each piece
    __ pcs x $20

    __ pcs x $5

    Extra Work Orders
    Each Flight of Stairs, Second Stop, Long Walk,
    Dissemble, Assemble door removals

    $65 each 

    ___  x $65

    Speciality Furniture:
    Piano, small gun safe, weight gym sets or 350 lb furniture like large Armoires & Desks.


    __ x $115
    Elevator $115  __ x $115 $_________  
    Difficult Furniture:
    Exercise Equipment, Kick Sofa, Fridge/Freezer, Washer/Dryer,
    small Armoire/Entertainment Center.

    $35 each piece

    __ ps x $35

    Move Boxes $2 per Box ___  x $2  $_________  

    Trip Fee One Way
    1st 15 miles FREE

    $3/mile after the 1st 15 miles

     Total Miles.
    ___ x $3

    Packing your boxes
    (price includes labor, box, paper & tape) per quote

    About $25 per box

     Total Boxes
    ___ x $25

    $ _________

    Your Rental Equipment: Truck, POD, Crate, Storage






    for Budget & Budget Plus Moves

    (as of January 1, 2016)

    We are honored to assist you in your relocation and have reached a company bench mark in 2008 of serving over 3000 families! Our business is built on repeat clients and referrals so we will do our best to add you to our list of satisfied costumers.

    Written Agreement:
    Our prices are determined on a flat bid rate and the written agreement at the time of the bid is the contract for services to be performed. If client asks for additional work to be done it will be added to the price as a “change order” and payment due at the end of the move. From time to time we may have to charge an hourly rate plus supplies & rental equipment at which time the hourly rate will be agreed.

    A non-refundable deposit of 50% may be due 7 (seven) days before the move to secure clients move date & time. If a scheduling problem occurs Integrity Enterprises is not obligated to, but will try everything in their power to reschedule without client loosing their deposit.

    Remaining amount, along with any “change orders” will be due at the end of the move.
    Cash is our preferred payment.
    Checks are accepted  (NSF Checks will be charged a $75 NSF Fee plus any expenses to collect the debt).
    Credit Cards
    Client  may pay with Credit card.

    -Integrity Enterprises was established in 1987 and is “Doing Business As
    ” Moving Made Easy, P.O. Box 1418, Enumclaw Washington 98022. 
    -Integrity Enterprises' Budget & Budget Plus Service is providing packing, loading and unloading services only. We are not required by any law to provide any coverage for goods or property damage.
    -Because we are Integrity Enterprises we offer on our own accord the following liability guidelines.
    -Integrity Enterprises offers the maximum liability for packing, loading and unloading services following the National Standard of:
    $0.60 per pound per article
    $25.00 maximum per article
    $250.00 maximum for the entire job.

    With your Budget or Budget Plus Service; Packing, Load/Unload we are not operating as a transportation company nor do we assume any liability during transportation. Once the door to your container or truck is closed & secured or your last item is unloaded, Integrity Enterprise and its crew are held harmless.

    Detailed Liabilities, what we cannot cover:

    • “Ikea-like-Furniture” that is: any furniture that was put together in your home or office, is classified as disposable, non-movable, temporary furniture.
    • Any item in any box that Integrity Enterprises did not pack.
    • Any pre-damaged items.
    • Any items moved by anyone that is not an Integrity Enterprise Contractor or Employee.
    • Any item damaged with the clients verbal permission “to give it a try”.

    Tom Spencer 

    Contact Us At:
    Moving Made Easy
    Att. Tom Spencer
    P.O. Box 1418
    Enumclaw WA 98022
    Office: 360-802-MOVE (6683)

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