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Moving Concierge Service!

Making quality decisions in the proper order. 

We become your specialized, temporary, personal moving assistant. Your move will flow like a well choreographed dance as we help you in making the important decisions, in the easiest sequence, with our best resources.

One person Concierge

You only have to explain your moving details once and only to me; Tom Spencer hands-on owner of Moving Made Easy.
May you be in awe as you experience several teams working simultaneously with dozens of servers as I direct  your relocation.

Start by a call, email or text to set up your FREE consult.

Not matter what stage you are in your relocation we will surpass your expectations; all you need to do is contact me.

Tom Spencer
Integrity Enterprises

DBA - Moving Made Easy 
P.O. Box 1418
Enumclaw WA 98022
Office: 360-802 MOVE (6683)
Cell or text: 253-653-9070


When did Moving Made Easy start?  

Tom&Sandy Spencer
    Our business started over 30 years ago before the term "ALTERNATIVE MOVING" had ever been used.  Our umbrella company is Integrity Enterprises where we believe and practice that costumer service is more than a department.  
                                    Tom & Sandy Spencer

What is the #1 thing that sets you apart from other companies?

Repeat clients!  Most movers think they will never see their client again.  We are proud to move our neighbors. We have dozens of local referring agencies that recommend our service: realtors, storage facilities, container companies like PODS, rental truck companies and even some other moving companies that simply  can't afford to do the extra things that we offer.

How far does your company reach?

We have been honored to work with some of the most wonderful people of the Northwest and humbled as clients fly us back and forth to help them in other states in America.  Our small company has helped people move all over the world.

Any favorite jobs you have done?

It is hard to compare, I supose the happy moves make us feel good but it is the tough jobs where we really shine and serve the client.  Experience does make things run smooth.  

Concierge Testimonials!
Moving Conceigre

As a moving concierge I am that professional that makes house calls and this woman is the epitome  of our service.  This is my friend Joan, she is responsible for 20 Moving Made Easy moves. I have been her Moving Concierge for the last 17 years. Joan has bought and sold several houses herself but she has also had us move her children and grandchildren.
Joan is the first client to receive a MOVING PUNCH CARD and her next move is free
We protect the identify and plans of all of our clients but Joan has given me permission to post her real name and picture. Her patronage is the greatest proof of the need of a Moving Concierge Service. 
Jeffery - The picture of the jet above belongs to this client, he promised his wife that after their move to Olympia they would never move again (we have heard this before) and he landed a position of a lifetime in..... drum roll please......Denver Colorado! We had the honor of helping to save his marriage!
He sent his family to Hawaii as my team came in and: packed everything in the house; including a lawn big screen like a drive in theater. Next we loaded everything into 2 - 16' PODS except his automobiles and sports vehicles which went FedX. That's right FedX had the best price for the service. 
The PODS were transported and a week later Jeffery flew my crew to Denver and we unloaded the PODS plus removed his boxed items and set up his house. Dishes, medicine cabinet, paintings, his office, all the beds were made and clothes put away.  Family arrives to their new home and marriage saved.
Steve - Boeing engineer with awards on the Stealth project said: Tom moved me four times. The 1st move was from my 2.5 million dollar horse ranch which my wife and I lost because my investments failed in the crash. The next two moves were into rentals and the last into our current house after our recovery. We felt like failures but Tom, nicknamed Happy Mover, navigated us through very tough waters and helped us save our dignity.
Judy - Senior Executive said: Having new house built before old house was sold and got sick in the transition when my personal assistant and I called Mr. Spencer. I sat in my kitchen feeling horrible in my bath robe and he convinced me his team could come in and save the day.
Plumber, electrician, cable & internet company, spa guy, interior decorator...his crew danced around them with my glass curio cabinets, glass dining room, 10' exotic trees plus artwork and mirrors. 
Mr. Spencer took me through a list of decisions, directed his crew and my entire project was completed. The only thing I would have done different would have been to call Moving Made Easy in the beginning.
George - retired electrician living in one town and new wife living in another town, neither of them drove. they sold their places and purchased a new home together said: After 40 years in one place plus joining households we were overwhelmed with abundant household items and a shortage on time. Tom was the friendliest man; he just asked us a series of questions, we made decisions and he and his crew did everything we agreed on.
They even set my garage up as a working shop is was as if he read my mind. 
Rick and Sarah - professionals in Western Washington with young children put their house on the market and it sold in 3 days with a quick closing said: we were a little panicked, we were not sure where we were going to move to, none of our offers were finalized yet and did not even know what to tell a mover. Our realtor recommended Tom Spencer owner of Moving Made Easy; honestly? We laughed at the company name. Tom surprised us! He gave us 3 options; each having an exact time line depending on our last minute destination.
We were able to move straight into our new home after all, but the options, the confidence and the "can-do" attitude expressed by his entire crew removed our fear and stress. The consulting, packing, moving, unpacking, even putting our beds together with sheets, blankets, comforters and bedspreads so our children could have an uninterrupted !transition!
Susan - single mom with a 60 acre ranch that I was finally ready to release, move on and make new memories said: my realtor recommend I speak to Tom Spencer of Moving Made Easy in the very beginning of my transition, can you hear me smiling? Best decision. I met with Tom and his wife Sandy as we did a walk-through of the ranch I was selling. It was hard to tell the plan as it is still very emotional for me. Tom just started asking a series of questions to help me put things in a sequential order.
New house pre-move, plus new fence, new floors, cleaning and landscaping. Old house: small repairs, painting, cleaning, landscaping, trash run, storage run, sorting, packing, final move to new house final staging. Like a peaceful dance in a violent storm.
Dawn & Gary, Couple in their 60's asked for a Budget Move (load 15 items, follow 15 miles & unload 15 items) said: Tom, owner of Moving Made Easy, looked over our items to move and told us for just a little more his team could move everything and we were thankful. On the day of the move the truck was loaded and my husband fell in the doorway with a heart attack. 911 was called and arrived within minutes but Tom & his crew jumped into action; while one was comforting my husband Tom got the key to our new house & the security gate clicker, told me to stay with my man and trust him that his crew would set up our new home. We stayed in touch by phone the next couple of hours. It was as if Tom read our minds, when we finally got to our new home it was set up perfect.
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The List! 

This list is the outline of our service, after our free consult, we start adding your personalized details

Moving Conceiger

Where to start?
Free consult

Plan for sale property:

Staging property for showing
Sorting, packing, storing, hauling
Small repairs, painting, landscaping, cleaning

Plan for new property:

Small repairs, painting, landscaping, cleaning
Advance move in items

Details and schedule of actual move:

Packing, transporting, unpacking
Final clean-up and last minute details


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